Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blast Off!

With the 2008 U.S. presidential race now over and etched into history books, you’ll need something else to gab about at the water cooler. Why not grab a tall, cool glass of SFR for libations? (But if you wanted to sneak in a little political discourse, I wouldn’t blame you ;).

In the meantime, let's get to it:

* A science fiction romance play? Who’d a thunk? I COME FOR LOVE is that perfect Saturday night date. (Thanks to Mfitz of Flying Whale Productions for the link.)

* Forget Everything You Know About Black Holes and The Six Billion Dollar Cyborg (for all of you Kel-Paten fans) are my two latest Tor.com posts. I also headed "Inside The Blogosphere" at Grasping for the Wind for a discussion about Battling It Out.

* Congratulations to Susan Grant for her double PRISM 2008 win! Both Susan and Rowena Cherry were nominated for this award so please join me in a virtual round of applause.

* In addition, Susan Grant has updated her blogroll to feature Skiffy Rommer sites. How cool is that? Thanks, Susan!

* There’s also an interview with the author at Writers At Play courtesy of Lisa Paitz Spindler.

* Leapin’ Lizards! V Gets Rebooted. *Heather wipes away tears of joy* Now my life is complete! (Now where's my afternoon hamster snack?)

* I’m excited to announce that LoveSpace is gearing up for more science fiction romance action, so drop by and say hello.

* Way to go, Ann Aguirre—WANDERLUST was a September 2008 PNR Staff Top Pick!

* When in doubt, focus on relationships.

* Let the salivating begin! The Book Smugglers offer a nifty teaser about Linnea Sinclair’s eagerly anticipated book HOPE’S FOLLY, and here’s an early review! And if you’re about to catch up with her latest release, Frances Drake reviews the author’s SHADES OF DARK.

* Marianne de Pierres participated in a discussion on how to Build Believable Characters.

* Congratulations to Robin D. Owens whose HEART FATE landed at #6 on Amazon’s Best Books of 2008! (Thanks to Kathy for the link.)

* For anyone who has Sharon Lee & Steve Miller on their TBR list (and that’s all of you, right?), now’s a stellar time since Ace is releasing the entire run of Liaden novels!

From the authors’ FAQ:

Ace Books will begin releasing the entire run of Liaden Universe® novels, starting with Agent of Change, in November 2008 and continuing at about the rate of one a month, finishing up with Crystal Dragon, in December 2009. (Thanks to Jen D. at the Intergalactic Bar & Grille for the link.)

* Ramblings on Romance gives us a taste of RED via an interview with author Jordan Summer.

* Get with the program—the early space program, that is—by reading Space Savvy, courtesy of Spacefreighters’ Lounge.

* If you write scorching futuristic adventures, Ravenous Romance put out the (booty) call for “An erotic STAR TREK/BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/SERENTIY - everyone on the ship actually having the sex that's implied”

* Ann Aguirre recommends Liz Williams’ NINE LAYERS OF SKY for readers who enjoy SF with romantic elements.

* Enduring Romance reviews Pauline Baird Jones’ THE KEY.

* And finally, lest we forget that futuristic love knows no bounds, Io9 brings us 30 Burning Sci-Fi Bromances.

Enjoy! Our nav system just informed me we're nearing Antares, so I want to toast the supergiant!

Guten Tag, Antares!

Joyfully yours,