Sunday, March 15, 2009

List of DRM-Free Publishers (UPDATED 1-16-11)

Last week, Smart Bitches presented an impassioned post about why DRM is “Driving Readers Mad” in DRM-Free For You and Me.

I feel her frustration. Readers want to buy books (thus supporting authors), and their attempts seem to be constantly thwarted by no small amount of DRM related blockades and fear mongering.

I feel compelled to point out that being anti-DRM does not equal condoning piracy. That kind of logicfail has to go out the window (and down the street, and off the face of the Earth).

Quite a few authors who combine SF and romance write for epublishers/small presses, and investing in their efforts is one way to keep the subgenre going. And if these companies foster a DRM-free environment, that’s all the more reason to patronize them.

So please support your favorite epublisher/small press by buying direct when possible, because as author Kristen Saell (CROSSING SWORDS) noted in the discussion at the SB post, “The author usually gets a bigger cut, too, which is a bonus.”

In her post, Sarah mentions a number of epublishers/small presses who provide ebooks DRM-free. In the comments, visitors contributed to the list as well. All of that inspired me to comb through it all to compile an easy-access list.

If you’re a blogger, my hope is that you’ll pick up this list and spread the word. I’ve included a window of all the links and text at the bottom of this post for easy copying.

DRM-free Publishers (Updated: January 16, 2011)

Angry Robot Books
Carina Press
DLP Books
eBooks Just Published
Amber Quill
Changeling Press, LLC
Cobblestone Press
Dreamspinner Press
Drollerie Press
Ellora’s Cave
Liquid Silver Books
Lyrical Press
MLR Press
Pink Petal Books
Samhain Publishing
Torquere Press
Honorable mention: Baen Free Library

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Pass 'em on!

Here are more, as taken from the comments to this post over at Dear Author.

Mojocastle Press
Wings ePress
Bold Strokes Books
Lethe Press Books
Phaze Books
Ravenous Romance
Linden Bay Romance
eXcessica Publishing
Literary Road
Resplendence Publishing
Siren Bookstrand
eXtasy Books
Eternal Press
Noble Romance Publishing
Blade Publishing
Carnal Desires Publishing
Write Words, Inc
Whispers Publishing
LBF Books
Tease Publishing
Rogue Phoenix Press
Champagne Books
Freya’s Bower
loveyoudivine Alterotica
Carnal Desires Publishing
Red Sage Publishing
Wild Rose Press
White Rose Publishing

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