Saturday, January 23, 2010

Steampunky Links & More

I discovered a few SFR links to share with you this weekend. The first is a guest post by Sarah A. Hoyt (DARKSHIP THIEVES) at Flying Whale Productions. The SF/F author shares an anecdote about her first foray into romance and how it impacted her writing.

Author Nathalie Gray has both a new blog as well as an official title for her forthcoming erotic steampunk romance novel: FULL STEAM AHEAD. Look for it in March from Red Sage.

Also, Edittorrent has three yummy posts on steampunk. The first is a steampunk 101 post by guest blogger Alison McMahan.

The second post, Making It Matter, offers an inside peek into the development of Nathalie Gray's FULL STEAM AHEAD.

In the third post, Red Sage editor Alicia challenges writers to share their ideas for the ideal query pitch for a steampunk story. Assuming non-SF/F editors or agents aren't familiar with steampunk, she asks, "What will help you get a read from this editor/agent?"

Worldbuilding for Science Fiction Romance by Jacqueline Lichtenberg is chock full of information on crafting an SFR. Really good stuff and you could probably get ideas for about 10 or 11 novels just from her post!

Finally, I've updated my post on SFR releases for 2010.

Joyfully yours,