Friday, June 25, 2010

Science Fiction Romances With "Alien" In The Title

It tickles me to no end that so many science fiction romances use "alien" in the title. I'm sure it's an inevitable phenomenon given that in science fiction romance stories, aliens are more likely to wind up as the heroes or heroines. Instead of portraying aliens as villains, SFR authors tend to transform them into the good guys and gals. That's actually pretty cool given the preponderance of stories featuring invading aliens intent on stealing Earth or using humans as a food source. Or both. Living in fear of aliens can become a bit fatiguing after a while.

However, one reason I find the proliferation of "alien" in SFR titles surprising is that I--personally--don't find the word itself to be particularly sexy. Probably because I'm more steeped in the idea of aliens as invaders, usually of the lizard or tentacled variety. However, I can understand the idea behind it since the idea of finding true love with a gorgeous hunk or hunkette from the stars is a popular fantasy. It's just that sometimes I wish we had a word for aliens that sounded a lot more dashing.

Then there's what a particular author (or publisher, as the case may be) does with the word "alien." Sometimes it's clever (like a twist on a popular phrase), but other times it's just outrageously campy. Yet there are times when even the goofiest alien-in-the-title moniker promises exactly what the story delivers, and one really can't argue with that type of transparency.

Thanks to the superlatively organized Galaxy Express passenger Vicky W., I’m able to present a list of science fiction romances with the word “alien” in the title. When possible, I've provided links to either each individual author's site or to places where you can purchase the book. Books no longer available are marked with a "n/a". If you know of any others, leave a comment with the information and I'll add it to the list.

And away we go...

Katherine Allred
Close Encounters: An Alien Affairs Novel
Close Contact: An Alien Affairs Novel

Jeanine Berry
Alien Seduction

Lily Cain

Alien Revealed

Etienne D’Artagnan
In Alien Arms

Ann-Marie Desiree
Alien Suspicion (n/a)
Lisa Gabriella
Alien Islands (n/a)
Alien Suspicion (n/a)
Alien Valley (n/a)
Alien Wind (n/a)

Xandra Gregory
Alien Communion

Kate Hill
Alien Affairs series:
Doing Thyme
In Purpose And Blood
Moonlight On Water
Yule Tydisian
Menage A Tasia
Close Quarters
Pandora’s Box

Susanne Marie Knight
Alien Heat

Gini Koch
Touched By An Alien
Alien Tango (forthcoming)
Alien In The Family (forthcoming)
Alien Proliferation (forthcoming)

Eve Langlais
Alien Mate

Ellen Margret
Alluring Alien (Double Nova digest)

Michelle Marquis
Her Alien Lover (Torrid Teasers No. 21 anthology)

Shelley Munro
Romancing The Alien
Talking Dogs, Aliens, and Purple People Eaters

Kaitlyn O’Connor
Alien Penetration (n/a)

Norah-Jean Perkin
Alien’s Daughter

Nicole L. Pierce
Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien
My Alien Is A Sex Fiend

Barbara Romo
Undercover Alien

Claudia Rose
Alien Games

Robin L. Rotham

Alien Overnight

But He’s An Alien

Charlene Teglia
I Was An Alien’s Love Slave (Seasons of Seduction III anthology)

Judith Thain
Alien Charm

Anthologies with “alien” in the title:

Leigh Ellwood, Mae Powers, Jenna Leigh, & Megan Hussey: Alien Seduction

Ashley Ladd, Joy Nash, Dominique Tomas, & Jane Toombs: Alien Encounters (n/a)

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